Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Judicial Misconduct: What the NC Supreme Court and Judicial Standards Commission Do About It

Hot off the presses (or really, just on your computer screen) is the latest issue of the Administration of Justice Bulletin (No. 2015/01).  This issue is about judicial misconduct that can lead to discipline from the North Carolina Supreme Court or the Judicial Standards Commission.  It updates the Administration of Justice Bulletin (No. 2013/03) from April, 2013.

To see an archive of other Administration of Justice Bulletin issues, check the University of North Carolina School of Government (UNC-SOG) collection here.  In addition, you can also find a listing of the other publications though the bulletin collection.

Find this information helpful and/or interesting?  Well, stay turned for more updates.  We will continue to post when new issues are released for this bulletin and other publications.  To see which UNC-SOG publications that are available through the Law Library visit our catalog.

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