Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phoenix Print Dollars Available

Print Dollars are now available on your Phoenix Card.

Phoenix Cards hold three types of credits and there are restrictions on their use.  Just a quick review of the three types and how they may be used.

Print Dollars are used exclusively for network printing.

Food Dollars are used at Legal Grounds and other food vendors on the main campus. ( Use includes a discount on the food items.)

Phoenix Cash  can be used for anything:  copy machines, printing, food, vending machines, etc.

How do you get them:

Print dollars are automatically added to your account by the Phoenix Office in August and January.  If you run out of  them, you may purchase more from the Phoenix Card Office.

Food dollars are purchased from the Phoenix Card Office.

Phoenix Cash may be purchased from either the Phoenix Card Office (credit card) or from the vending machine in the Mezzanine Level copy room in the library (cash only).

To purchase additional credit go to Phoenix Card Office website and follow the directions.

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