Friday, April 8, 2016

April's Library Suggestion Box

At least once a month, we check the suggestion box located at the Reference Desk.  When we find suggestions we do two things
-- Those concerning matters outside the control of the library are forwarded to the correct department.
-- Library related suggestions are printed here (with some identifying information removed) with a response to the suggestion.
  1.   Allow Cash for Small library fines.
    1. Answer --  Cash can be added to student Phoenix Cards (add as Phoenix Cash not print dollars or food dollars) with the black machine in the copy room adjacent to the Circulation Desk.  Phoenix cash can be used to pay the fine.
  2. Could we get Standing Desks?  Just a few of the kind that sit on top of a table? You could check them out or have a time limit.
    1. Answer -- This is an excellent suggestion, I will include it in my next budget request.  The next budget request cycle begins in October.
  3. The people working the circulation or help desk should set an example of inside/low voices for other in the library.  Instead when people are being disruptive, it is those people!
    1. Answer -- Thank you for your feedback.  I will remind the library staff to be aware of the volume and to modulate our voices.
  4. Some students are apparently unaware that study rooms are for more than one person.  If a memo could be sent out that would be helpful.
    1. Answer---   I am sorry you have been inconvenienced. If you have the problem in the future, come to the circulation desk and we can assist you in either finding another study room or requesting the student to vacate the room.
    2. Study room policies are posted on the library website and printed on the reservation book.  We also post to this Blog and e-mail students with that information each semester a week before exams.
  5. Some students also apparently think that the library is somewhere to come and eat lunch and talk.  If a memo could be sent out reminding them that this area is mainly for studying that would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Answer -- An e-mail including this type of information is generally sent twice a year near finals, it is calendared to be sent in approximately 2 weeks.
I would like those who submitted suggestions and encourage others to submit suggestions in the future.  Our goal is to make the library a safe welcoming place for students.
Kate McLeod

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