Friday, April 22, 2016

Summer Access Policies

Summer Access Policies

HBO may be reminding you that “Winter is Coming” and while the “night is dark and full of terrors” spring exams and summer jobs are more likely to be keeping you awake than White Walkers and Dothraki hordes.  Don’t let visions of your summer supervisor looking at you disapprovingly while muttering “you know nothing” concern you.  You are not being sent out to your summer positions unarmed.  We have received from Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg their access policies for the summer and copied them below.  Please take a moment to review the policies and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask your local maester of the Citadel — I mean librarian.

Students must extend their passwords for the following academic uses:
  • Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
  • Law Review and Journal, including write-on competitions
  • Research assistant
  • Moot Court
  • Unpaid internship/externship
Students with summer employment in law firms, corporations, government agencies and alike should not use their academic password for research and must use their firm issued password.

Here’s the link to the extension page within


1.    Summer Access:  All law students will have free and unlimited access to their Lexis Advance IDs this summer.  No need to register for summer access.  Accordingly, whether you will be working in a law firm, government agency, courthouse etc., you can use your law school Lexis Advance IDs without worry.   NOTE:  Your employer may require that you use your firm Lexis ID.
2.       Graduate ID:  All graduating 3Ls will have access to their Lexis Advance IDs until December 31, 2016 [or 7 months after graduation].  No need to register for summer access.  Rewards points expire on June30, 2016.  More info:
3.       ASPIRE ID:  All graduates who will be working for a public interest organization can apply for the “ASPIRE ID.”  The form is easy to complete and we simply ask that the student submit a confirmation from their employer that the entity is a 501(c)(3), the graduate is employed by the entity and dates of expected employment.  This ID is free for an ENTIRE YEAR and the content on this ID is really robust!  APPLY online:


Students have unlimited access to Bloomberg Law during the summer and six months after they graduate.

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