Monday, October 10, 2016

Breakfast Bytes | Law Commons, Tuesday Oct. 11th, 10am - 11:30am

Join the Law Library in the Law Commons tomorrow at 10am for a quick Breakfast Bytes tech demo to help you hone your lawyerly skills!

Takk (own work), [CC-BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We'll show you the tricks of the legal writing trade--tomorrow we'll be demonstrating how to clean up your documents to protect your work product and client info!  It's important to know what data is hiding inside your Word documents before you send them!  How much personal information is in that letter?  Will everyone who has access to the document be able to see the changes you made?  Let us show you how to protect your information!

Whether you're a 1L new to the study of law or a veteran 3L, these tips and tricks can make your life easier.

Disclaimer: Images in blog do not represent a promise as to the size, type, or quantity of breakfast treats available at Breakfast Bytes events. Treats in image may be larger than they appear in real life.  All standard disclaimers apply.  Treats are not a wholly owned subsidiary of Tasty Breakfast Treats, LLC.  In fact, we're not sure if Tasty Breakfast Treats, LLC is a real company. You should drop by the Commons and find out.

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