Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reading Period and Exams

It is that time again in the library.  The 2L and 3L classes are in Reading Days preparing for their Spring Semester Exams, while the 1Ls are hard at work crossing the midpoint of their Spring Trimester.  Please be respectful of everyone by keeping noise in the library to a minimum.  Group Study Rooms are available for reservation if you need to engage in group study.  The rules for the Group Study Rooms remain the same.

  • Group Study rooms are for groups of two or more students.
  • Sign-up sheets for the Group Study Rooms are available at the Circulation Desk.
  • Students may sign up for a Group Study Room up to one week in advance.
  • Each student may reserve no more than two hours of Group Study Room time per day.
  • All reservations will be entered by the Circulation Staff, and all changes to existing reservations must be made in person, by the reservation holder, to the Circulation Staff.
  • Unused Group Study Rooms, regardless of if the room is reserved, may be used by groups of two or more students.  However, reserved Group Study Rooms must be immediately ceded back to the individual who reserved the room upon request.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Charlie Perkins on e-mail; by phone x9345; or in his office-- M014.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 27: Final Brown Bag Research Series session of Spring

The final session of our Brown Bag Legal Research series is this week! Bring your lunch to the library and join us for an introduction to form books and practice manuals--a huge time-saving resource for legal practitioners. Light refreshments (cookies and juice) will be provided. If you are interested in attending, please sign up for the next session using the form below!

April 27 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Practice-ready: An Introduction to Form Books and Manuals

Friday, April 22, 2016

Summer Access Policies

Summer Access Policies

HBO may be reminding you that “Winter is Coming” and while the “night is dark and full of terrors” spring exams and summer jobs are more likely to be keeping you awake than White Walkers and Dothraki hordes.  Don’t let visions of your summer supervisor looking at you disapprovingly while muttering “you know nothing” concern you.  You are not being sent out to your summer positions unarmed.  We have received from Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg their access policies for the summer and copied them below.  Please take a moment to review the policies and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask your local maester of the Citadel — I mean librarian.

Students must extend their passwords for the following academic uses:
  • Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
  • Law Review and Journal, including write-on competitions
  • Research assistant
  • Moot Court
  • Unpaid internship/externship
Students with summer employment in law firms, corporations, government agencies and alike should not use their academic password for research and must use their firm issued password.

Here’s the link to the extension page within


1.    Summer Access:  All law students will have free and unlimited access to their Lexis Advance IDs this summer.  No need to register for summer access.  Accordingly, whether you will be working in a law firm, government agency, courthouse etc., you can use your law school Lexis Advance IDs without worry.   NOTE:  Your employer may require that you use your firm Lexis ID.
2.       Graduate ID:  All graduating 3Ls will have access to their Lexis Advance IDs until December 31, 2016 [or 7 months after graduation].  No need to register for summer access.  Rewards points expire on June30, 2016.  More info:
3.       ASPIRE ID:  All graduates who will be working for a public interest organization can apply for the “ASPIRE ID.”  The form is easy to complete and we simply ask that the student submit a confirmation from their employer that the entity is a 501(c)(3), the graduate is employed by the entity and dates of expected employment.  This ID is free for an ENTIRE YEAR and the content on this ID is really robust!  APPLY online:


Students have unlimited access to Bloomberg Law during the summer and six months after they graduate.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Brown Bag Legal Research: April 20th Signups Available

Join us in the month of April for our Brown Bag Legal Research series. Bring your lunch to the library and enjoy brief 30-minute sessions covering specific resources and practice areas--and we'll give you some tips and pointers summer jobs and residencies. If you are interested in attending, please sign up for the next session using the form below!  Only 2 sessions remain!

April 20 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Navigating the NC Courts Website

  • There are tons of free resources out there for law students and lawyers!  If you plan on being any kind of trial lawyer, you should learn your way around your court's website.  Join us on Wednesday April 20th for a brief session on navigating the NC Courts website, and how to get the most out of the dockets, forms, and tools available to NC lawyers!

April 27 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Practice-ready: An Introduction to Form Books and Manuals

Friday, April 8, 2016

April's Library Suggestion Box

At least once a month, we check the suggestion box located at the Reference Desk.  When we find suggestions we do two things
-- Those concerning matters outside the control of the library are forwarded to the correct department.
-- Library related suggestions are printed here (with some identifying information removed) with a response to the suggestion.
  1.   Allow Cash for Small library fines.
    1. Answer --  Cash can be added to student Phoenix Cards (add as Phoenix Cash not print dollars or food dollars) with the black machine in the copy room adjacent to the Circulation Desk.  Phoenix cash can be used to pay the fine.
  2. Could we get Standing Desks?  Just a few of the kind that sit on top of a table? You could check them out or have a time limit.
    1. Answer -- This is an excellent suggestion, I will include it in my next budget request.  The next budget request cycle begins in October.
  3. The people working the circulation or help desk should set an example of inside/low voices for other in the library.  Instead when people are being disruptive, it is those people!
    1. Answer -- Thank you for your feedback.  I will remind the library staff to be aware of the volume and to modulate our voices.
  4. Some students are apparently unaware that study rooms are for more than one person.  If a memo could be sent out that would be helpful.
    1. Answer---   I am sorry you have been inconvenienced. If you have the problem in the future, come to the circulation desk and we can assist you in either finding another study room or requesting the student to vacate the room.
    2. Study room policies are posted on the library website and printed on the reservation book.  We also post to this Blog and e-mail students with that information each semester a week before exams.
  5. Some students also apparently think that the library is somewhere to come and eat lunch and talk.  If a memo could be sent out reminding them that this area is mainly for studying that would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Answer -- An e-mail including this type of information is generally sent twice a year near finals, it is calendared to be sent in approximately 2 weeks.
I would like those who submitted suggestions and encourage others to submit suggestions in the future.  Our goal is to make the library a safe welcoming place for students.
Kate McLeod

Brown Bag Legal Research: Bluebook Crash Course

BYOBB!  Bring your own brown bag, that is!  Bring your lunch down to the library computer lab and join us on April 13th for a refresher on Bluebooking basics!  Snacks and juice will be provided.

Whether you're honing your skills for legal writing or preparing for your residency, Bluebooking citations is likely to be a key component of your success.  If you're not feeling up to par, we can help!  Sign up for our next session below, and check out our other upcoming programming in the month of April.

April 13 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Bluebook Crash Course

  • This session will cover citation of Cases and Statutes using the Bluebook (20th ed.).  Common errors in citation will be addressed, and there will be time for workshopping specific Bluebooking questions.

April 20 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Navigating the NC Courts Website

April 27 @ 12:45pm in the Computer Lab
Practice-ready: An Introduction to Form Books and Manuals

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NCAA Championship Bracket & Sports Law Research Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our NCAA Championship Bracket and Sports Law Research Challenge!

Landon Hodges swept the Sports Law Research Challenge, netting a total of 30 points, which took him from 2nd place in the Bracket Standings to 1st place!  Angelique Ryan came in 2nd with a total of 9 points from the Sports Law Research Challenge and 94 points in the Championship Bracket.  Our 3rd and 4th place Bracket winners were Andreas Mosby and Tony Campbell.  Lexis Rewards Points prizes will be distributed over the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for your rewards!

We want to thank everyone who participated this year--we hope it was as fun for y'all as it was for us!

And don't forget: Join us on Wednesday, April 6th at 12:45pm in the Computer Lab for the first in our Brown Bag Research series to learn about Free Business Resources! Sign up here to let us know you'll attend.